iSQoL2 package for Windows

The iSQoL2 is a free R package under Microsoft Windows for estimating:
  • Lifetime survival function
  • Life expectancy and Expected years of life lost
  • Quality-adjusted life expectancy
  • Expected lifetime cost
  • Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio
  1. Download document for iSQoL2 package (800 downloads) (05/01/2019)
  2. Download iSQoL2 package (866 downloads) (07/02/2019, version 5.2 and available for R≤3.5.2)
  3. How to create a cost data file? (421 downloads)  (Note for users in Taiwan, 4/12/2018)
  4. How to use iSQoL2 at Health and Welfare Data Science Center (348 downloads) (Note for users in Taiwan, 05/01/2019)
  5. How to convert RDS to CSV file? (153 downloads) (Note for users in Taiwan, 05/01/2019)
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